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  • How do I book an appointment?
    To book an appointment, please use our online booking system at the following link:
  • Can I book multiple services?
    Absolutely! Our booking system allows you to select and book multiple services according to your preferences.
  • Is a deposit required to secure my appointment?
    Yes, a $20 deposit is required to secure your appointment.
  • Where are you located?
    Christchurch, New Zealand. We have two locations in the Garden City - Hornby and Waltham.
  • Do I need to bring cash for payment?
    We accept cash, but we also have EFTPOS machines available at each of our salons for your convenience.
  • Do you accept Afterpay or Laybuy?
    Yes, we offer Afterpay and Laybuy as payment options in-store. You can choose the option that suits you best.
  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Eyelash extensions are synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers which are individually applied to your natural lashes, enhancing their length, thickness, and fullness.
  • How long do eyelash extensions last?
    Eyelash extensions typically last between two to six weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and how well you care for them.
  • What are Classics?
    Classic eyelash extensions are a popular type of eyelash extension application that involves attaching a single lash extension to each individual natural eyelash. Classic lashes enhance the length, thickness, and curl of the natural lashes, resulting in a more defined and enhanced look. Classic extensions create a natural and elegant appearance, suitable for those seeking a subtle enhancement to their lashes. Service time: 1-1.5hrs
  • What are Hybrids?
    Hybrid eyelash extensions are a type of eyelash extension application that combines both classic and volume techniques. In a hybrid set, individual lash extensions are applied using the classic method on some natural lashes, while other lashes receive multiple thinner extensions created with the volume technique. This combination creates a textured and multidimensional effect, blending the natural lashes with added volume and a slightly fuller appearance. Hybrid extensions offer a balance between the natural and dramatic look, providing a more glamorous result than classic extensions alone. Service time: 1-1.5hrs
  • What are Volumes?
    Volume eyelash extensions are a type of eyelash extension application technique that involves attaching multiple lightweight lash extensions to each individual natural lash. Unlike classic lash extensions, which follow a one-to-one ratio of attaching a single extension to a natural lash, volume lashes create fans of lash extensions. Volume lashes offer various benefits, including increased density, thickness, and a softer, more fluttery appearance. They provide a more glamorous and dramatic effect, making them popular among those seeking a bold lash look. Service time: 1-1.5hrs
  • Does getting eyelash extensions hurt?
    No, getting eyelash extensions should not hurt when applied correctly by a trained professional. The process is typically painless and comfortable. If you do feel any discomfort during the application, it is important to communicate with your lash technician so they can make necessary adjustments.
  • Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?
    Yes, you can wear makeup with eyelash extensions, but it's recommended to use oil-free and water-based products. Avoid using waterproof or oil-based makeup removers. Consider skipping mascara. If you still prefer to use mascara, choose a specifically formulated extension-safe mascara and apply it to the tips of the lashes, avoiding the base and adhesive area.
  • How do I care for my eyelash extensions?
    To maintain your eyelash extensions, avoid rubbing or pulling them, and keep them clean. Use a gentle lash cleanser and a clean spoolie brush to brush them regularly.
  • Can I swim or shower with eyelash extensions?
    Yes, you can swim and shower with eyelash extensions. However, it's best to avoid excessive exposure to water for the first 24 to 48 hours after the application to allow the adhesive to fully cure.
  • Can I remove the eyelash extensions myself?
    It is recommended to have a professional remove your eyelash extensions to prevent damage to your natural lashes. A specialized adhesive remover is used for safe and gentle removal.
  • Are eyelash extensions suitable for everyone?
    Eyelash extensions are generally suitable for most individuals. However, if you have certain eye conditions, allergies, or sensitivities, it's best to consult with a professional or a healthcare provider before getting eyelash extensions.
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